New Debut Albums; New Debut Drama

Vivi Gagakuma, Entertainment and Book Reviews


As you all know the Bodak Yellow Star Cardi B has all her tops in music, but as a new artist y’all all know there’s going to be drama right? Well it looks as if Queen Bardi got herself a whole lot of it.

Cardi B sparked rumors about an album and now we know it’s true although her former femcee foe Nicki Minaj is also set to realease an album. Sounds like mess brewing to me.

”Nicki better push it back to Spring 2019” wrote Cardi obviously throwing a threat Nicki bout’ her album. All Queen Bardi was trying to state is that if she decides on a Summer 2018 album release Nicki Minaj would need to drop out hers right after for it to still be a big hit.

I don’t know bout’ y’all but I think I’m more than ready for both albums from Queen Bardi to Queen Nicki I’m ready including by purchasing pre order. Get yours too and don’t forget to watch TMZ for the latest! Peace Out