Summer times are coming! what are you going to do?

Maria Correa

We went around the school to ask scholars and teachers what they are going to do and we got the following results.

Christabel (8th) said that she is going to hang out with some friends in the summer.

Eriel(8th) and Aimee(8th) said that they were going to go to Mexico.

Other scholars showed their responsible side by saying that they will be going to summer classes, college classes studying, etc.

Ms. Lacy said that she will be going to the beach with her family and going on a teacher development course.

Ms Williams is planning on volunteering and going ton teacher courses as well.

Other scholars said that they didn’t know, so lets pray that they do have an awesome time in the summer!

For those who are staying at home, you are not alone. Try doing crafts, starting new hobbies, binging on shows, or even doing your homework!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful summer!

    (Ms. Lacy’s room. Room#200)