Should you D.A.R.T. to the Fair?

You should ride the train. There’s twist. You need a car.


Angel G., Editor

Many people hate going to the state fair for the problems that come with it, and the difficulty to deal with those problems .For instance, parents, the first thing they think of is money. How much would it cost not only to enter, but to enjoy yourself too? Which is a good question….

But another problem that they complicate too much is parking. Many people recall stories that deal with them attempting to leave the area for 30 minutes, only to be met by a swarm of traffic.
With anger and frustration, it might seem understandable to avoid the fair due to the laborious and time consuming beginning and ending of such a trip. But this could change.
There are many different, and simple, alternatives to get there and get out quickly.

One such example is taking the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) train. Which, I know, seems fishy and dangerous. I have seen disturbing images that I cannot erase from my mind when I casually peered into the train cars as I was simply driving by the train. But that is the beauty of public transit: entering such hostile environments and maturing through real world experiences.

Taking the train to the state fair is simple and easy solution for traffic and inconvenience. When parking your car to use the train station, there’s a parking lot with plenty of space. So the hassle to park is not there. Now, there are multiple train stations in Downtown Dallas that would take you to the fair.

West End Station: the parking will be extremely close. And the trip will only be around 18 minutes long if you take the green route to the MLK station, or 14 minutes if you take the Fair Park Station. It seems to me that taking the Fair Park Station will be shorter trip, but it will make you walk more.

Baylor University Medical Station: seems easy enough, as there are around 4 parking stations in walking distance. They do seem sketchy in terms of how parking layout looks because the terrain looks rough, similar to the parking lot near Grand Prairie High. I do not know if this is legal, but there is a hospital parking lot near the train station. If you take the green route to the MLK station it will be 7 minutes; if you take the Fair Park Station it will take 4 min.

Akard Station: there is one giant parking lot area. It is just a building that says Park with an arrow suspiciously pointing inside the building. It is a walking distance from the station. If you get denied there, another parking building could be seen right next to a CVS. If you take the green route to the MLK station it will be 15 minutes. If you take the green route to the Fair Park Station it will be around 12 minutes.

Now, of course you need to pay or have some sort of pass to ride the train, but it is not as expensive as you might think . There are several price ranges that go from $2 to $6, but of course the less you pay the more limited your pass is . Here’s a link that will show you all the value and benefits from buying different types of passes, which could all be bought from a Ticket Vending Machine which can be found at any DART Rail stations .

This is Not sponsored by DART.