New recruit goes on a Special Mission!

Roman Jones, Author


One of our new recruits, going by the name of Roman Jones, went on a special kind of community service trip.

He, his family, and friends from his former school, all working in a program called K.I.C.K.S. (Kids In Christ’s Kingdom Serving) traveled to Fort Worth, TX to an outdoor church in a low-income community, in which some residents are homeless, and gave them a meal they could not resist.

Roman and the others served them Taco Salad through kindness. He did take video, but unfortunately this site cannot release it, for the file is too large.

He stayed for about 2 hours in a tent, helping contribute to making the unfortunate’s lives better and filled with joy.

When he was done the residents thanked him and his team, and they went off, knowing they struck joy into at least someone’s heart.