Midterm Update: Early Voting Begins October 22nd

Midterm Update: Early Voting Begins October 22nd

Early voting for the 2018 Midterm Elections begins October 22nd and ends Nov 2nd.

Voting Requirements and ID Laws

If one is 18 years old or older and has registered to vote by the October 9th deadline, they are able to vote in the 2018 Election.

If one is voting in the election in the State of Texas, one must obey the voter I.D laws. To vote, Texans must present a valid form of photo ID. This includes driver’s licenses, state-issued I.Ds, and official passports. School, work, and university IDs are not acceptable forms of identification and one will be turned away from the polls if they lack valid ID.

There are exceptions to the voter I.D requirements for voters who are disabled, ill, or elderly. For more information about the voting requirements in the State of Texas, as well as to check your polling place and voting registration status, please visit the official elections website at https://www.votetexas.gov

Why are the Midterms Important?

The midterms give Americans a chance to elect new or re-elect current government officials ranging from local offices like school board members and mayors to national and state offices like governors and senators. In fact, every two years, the entire House of Representatives is up for re-election as well as several governorships and one-third of Senate seats.

The midterms are important because they have historically served as a check on the power of the executive branch of the federal government. Traditionally, if Americans are happy with the current status of their government, they re-elect officials that support the plans of the executive branch. On the other side of things, if Americans are upset with the state of their government, they elect members of the party opposite to the one in power, effectively setting barriers to the plans of the executive branch.

Whichever way Americans vote, one thing is for certain: The outcomes of the elections are likely to have grand repercussions for the following years to come.