Vivi Gagakuma, Music and Book Review

Late November 2016 my favorite musician released his third studio album out to the public, STARBOY. Being a Weeknd fan I honestly think this is his best work yet, you have Starboy; the song reaching #1 on Hot 100 Billboard.

Other songs in this album like Party Monster, Six Feet Under, and I feel it Coming these three songs are my personal favorites. This album truly shows what this musician is cable of, in this album, there’s a mix of trap and lovey-dovey (as I like to call it) beats, that’s what makes it special. If you’re a fan of Michael Jackson you will Love this guy over here, not to mention he got the looks too.

The song that draws my attention is Starboy, it’s actually pretty good but after 5 million times of listening to it, it kinda gets pretty boring (just saying). But the song in general is good what I think it means is that he’s explaining he’s becoming a new person, from changing his rocker pineapple hairstyle to a low mountain cut look, he’s changing as  well a new feeling for pop singer songwriter Selena Gomez(that we’ll talk about in another article), overall he’s changed a bit much since his last debut album, Beuty behind the madness.

Overall His album STARBOY is the best album since Beauty behind the Madness (one of his albums). If you JAdore The Weeknd like I do mention it in the comments, I wanna see all those Weeknd fans.