“Althea and Oliver” Book Review 📖 📖

Vivi Gagakuma, Music and Book Review

“Althea and Oliver” is a novel written by Christina Moracho.

This book contains some themes that may be unsuitable for young readers. I consider it a PG-13.

I would definitely recommend you to read this book if you enjoy books about romance, joy, and laughter.

This book has a mix of a normal life of a teenager in love. There are other surprises and downfalls in this book. The only thing I hate about is that it’s informing us about dangers of relationship violence, it’s good but it would be better if there were like a little more to story. Such as, like why does Oliver have a syndrome that makes him sleepless? In any case, I hope you all get the chance to read this because once you read it you will find yourself reading this over and over and over again. Overall I rate this book an 8/10.