Call of Duty WWII Review

Call of Duty WWII was released on November 4th and in my opinion considered one best games of 2017. Steller graphics, and amazing gameplay. Sledgehammer poured a lot of time into this game making sure to get everything right and listen to the community.




The controls of the game are very good, they don’t feel too snappy nor too slow.




Gameplay is well balanced, gunfights in this game actually feel based on skill instead of if someone has the better variant. Supply drops in the game actually do not contain weapons that severely ruin the balance of the game. When you play the game it’s always fun, you feel immersed in the action. They did very well and listened to the community.




Graphics on the game are excellent and rival that of Battlefield 1. They improved a lot since the last game, I’m sure they were not going to repeat the mistakes that Infinity Ward made with Infinite Warfare.




Call of Duty WWII is very well supported with new content for the winter months. More DLC has been announced for release in the upcoming months.




WWII did a good job for characters and beautiful landscapes. However, some performance issues occur when transitioning from cutscenes to gameplay.

Verdict: Call of Duty WWII is an amazing game, suffering server issues at launch which at the moment are fixed by the hard-working team that made the game. Amazing gunplay, campaign, and superb graphics, it checks all the boxes for a Call of Duty Game

Verdict: 9/10 Excellent